Types of Vaginal Infections That You Often Get

Types of Vaginal Infections That You Often Get

Vagina is moisture that becomes a good condition for development of bacteria. There is a fact that most woman will experience some types of vaginal infection at some points of their lives. Burning, itching and vaginal odor are some common signs of vaginal infections. Lots of women will misunderstand about kinds of them. The treatments are also different from each type.  Thus, it’s essential for you to understand which type of vaginal infection.

The most common types of vaginal infections

A healthy vagina exists many yeast and bacteria. But some things will damage healthy balance and cause a vaginal infection. They can be douches, vaginal intercourse, antibiotics and hormone level changes. These will disturb pH balance in the vagina and lead to many infections. There are three common types of vaginal infections that most women contract.

Vaginal yeast infection. It the most popular infection in the vagina. The infection is caused by Candida, one type of the fungi. Normally, Candida lives in our body and doesn’t cause any infection. But they like living in humid and warm environment such as vagina. When your vagina is so wet and moist. Candida will develop out of control and cause your vaginal infection.

The infection may cause itching and redness of the vulva and vagina. They also lead to pain during intercourse. Besides, it affects your health and life. In severe cases, it has a big effect on your reproductive organs. Thus, to prevent its disturbance, you need to cure them as soon as possible.

Yeast vaginal infection is caused by fungi. So, you can treat it by taking antibodies and antifungal medications. Clotrimazole, miconazole, Terazol and Fugacil are some effective antifungal creams. You can apply inside your vagina. In some of them, Fugacil is seen one of the best treatments for fungal infections. It can treat vaginal infection, ringworm or toenail fungus. The product works by killing fungi and preventing from spreading. Thus, Fugacil removes the infections and prevents recurrences fast.


Bacterial vaginosis. The condition results from an imbalance of normal bacteria in your vagina. Normally, lactobacilli are healthy bacteria that live in the vagina. But if the number of bacteria lowers, it can leads to your infection. The reason for overgrowth of this infection aren’t fully understood. But having some factors that lead to your infection. They may be smoking, having many sex partners.

You may realize your infection by have vaginal discharge and odor. The condition isn’t likely to burn or itch. You should have notice when having fish odor, especially during intercourse. To treat the condition, Gynecologists can be used. But if you experience excessive discharge, it’s important for you to visit your doctor. This can help find out whether you have serious conditions like gonorrhea and chlamydia or not.

Trichomonas. It’s one of the common sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Both men and women will contract the infection. But women are more likely to develop the infection than men. Unluckily, many people don’t know they are infected. It’s because trichomoniasis doesn’t cause any special symptoms. Women may feel painful during urination, vaginal itching, discomfort during intercourse. These signs may appear within 5-18 days of exposure.

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To treat the condition, antibiotic may be used. But the infection often occur in women who are pregnant. So, it’s really important for to ask your doctor before taking this medication. The medicine may harm your baby if you’re pregnant.

Vaginal infections can be caused by lots of factors depending on each type. Some of them can be spread through sexual contact. But others can be caused by an overgrowth of bacteria or fungi. The causes that lead to your vaginal infections may be unhealthy lifestyle.  Not keep vagina clean or having lots of sexual partners will be common factors. Once contracting a vaginal condition, it may affect your health and sex life. Not only that, if it lasts in a long time, your reproductive may be affected. Then, you may have difficulty to have a baby or premature delivery.

Other vaginal infections and conditions

Besides three common types of infections. Women can develop lots of different vaginal conditions. Here are some other infections in vagina that women tend to contract.

Chlamidia. It’s one of the STD that causes inflammation of your vagina. It’s estimated that, about 1 out of 15 sexual active teenager girls will get the infection. Especially girls in the age from 15- 24 usually have chlamydia infection. It is a form of a bacterial infection and it is spread mostly by oral sex, virginal or anal sex as well. But 75% of women and 50% of men with chlamydia have no signs or symptoms.


However, some people may pain during urination, itch and even bleeding after intercourse. Because the condition is caused by bacteria, you can treat it by antibiotic. It can be cleared up within 1-2 weeks. After treatments, you should get retests in three months.

Viral vaginosis. Virus may lead to infections in your vagina. Most viruses have been transmitted through sexual contact. The common virus can enter your body is herpes simplex virus. This virus causes sores in your vagina or vulva. You may have pain and itch in your genital area. But the infection may be hidden in most of people.

Vuvodynia. The condition mostly causes discomfort and chronic pain in the vulva. But you may not know the causes clearly. When having it, you may feel burning, rawness, stinging and swelling.

Most vaginal infections have the similar signs like itching, burning and painful. So, it’s important for you to get tests that find out form of vaginal infection clearly. Then, having suitable cures to treat it. You also need to take care of your vaginal health. This limits your dangers of contracting infectaions in your vagina effectively.

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