Treat and Prevent Ringworm With Diet

Treat and Prevent Ringworm With Diet

Ringworm is one of the common skin fungal infections. It affects many people, especially children and the old. Even though its name is “ringworm”, it isn’t caused by worms. Ringworm is mostly caused by fungi and affects skin or other parts of the body. With the rash and wavy border, ringworm appears on the scalp, feet, hands, nails, and groin area. In fact, most skin fungal infections don’t cause serious health problems. But they’re difficult to cure. Also, they spread fast and cause discomfort for people. Ringworm likes them, it will spread quickly without treatments. Thus, no matter where ringworm develops on the body, the most important thing is treatments. Changing your diet is to get rid of the infection will be a wonderful option.

This infection tends to develop in people who have weakened immune system. Or for those who often take medications will increase dangers of getting it. This can be showed that the immune system is important to prevent an infection. It’s also useful in preventing other diseases. That’s why you have to change your diet with healthy foods that provide enough nutrients for your body. There are several vitamins and supplements that help treat and prevent ringworm.

Foods are beneficial for battling ringworm

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for recovering damaged skin cells. So it’s useful in preventing scars of a ringworm infection. Not only that, this vitamin is to boost your immune system that destroy fungi in the body well. Taking enough vitamin A will be effective in curing ringworm. You can get this vitamin from food sources like carrot, kale, fish liver and eggs. But you should take enough it. Too much vitamin A may cause toxicity and lead to your hair loss.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is important in production of skin cells that reduce scars by ringworm. Besides, it helps recover damaged skin tissues. Like vitamin A, it promotes the immune function to fight fungi. Thus, it’s beneficial for you to get enough vitamin E. Whole-grain, almonds, spinach or olive oil are rich in this vitamin. Or you can take it from supplements.



Foods are rich probiotic will support healthy bacteria for your immune system. Yogurt is naturally probiotic which helps provide needed bacteria in your body. It also improves your digestive system and balances your pH levels. Thus, adding probiotics means you have supporter to fight against ringworm.


Garlic and onion

It’s seen one of the effective treatments for ringworm. Allicin is an important component that is found in fresh garlic. This component is effective in treating fungi by offering antifungal benefits. Thus, to cure and prevent ringworm, you should add several fresh garlics in your diet.

Besides, onion is the greatest antioxidant properties and other vitamins. It can defeat most fungal infections and harmful bacteria. It can also boost healthy bacteria in the stomach. Then, it makes the digestive function healthier and fights fatigue which is led to ringworm. Your diet with onion and garlic may help cure your ringworm fungus.

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Nuts and seeds

They’re rich in omega 3 fatty acids that may fight ringworm effectively. Also, they contain more protein, while protein contributes to cure ringworm well. Seeds of safflower and nuts like almonds are helpful for your fungal infection.

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It’s plentiful of plant protein that cures your ringworm effectively. Adding oats in your diet will protect yourself from getting ringworm. It also helps prevent ringworm spread.


Foods you should avoid when getting ringworm

Besides healthy foods, you need to limit some unhealthy foods to fight against ringworm.

Dairy products

Dairy products with milk, cheese or butter milk aren’t good for ringworm. They seem not to have sugar, but they contain more lactose. These foods may increase the levels of blood sugar. Besides, dairy products may affect your digestive system.

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Foods contain more sugar

Fungi really love sugar. They tend to develop if you consume lots of sugar in your diet. Then, they make your ringworm fungus worse and difficult to cure. Thus, you need to avoid foods like ice- cream, breads, fruit juice with more sugar. And breads has yeast- one of different fungi- that can make fungal infection worse.


Dried fruits

It’s important for you to avoid some fruits that are rich fructose. Dried foods has amount of high sugar. So, they are harmful for your ringworm. They also increase your risks to get other fungal infections. Thus, you need to avoid dried apples, breakfast cereal and dried strawberries or grapefruit.

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After being infected with ringworm. You can be recommended some medications to treat. Antifungal medicines like Fluconazole, itraconazole and griseofulvin can be used for your ringworm. Besides, some doctors may give Fugacil to you. This cream is effective in treating fungi. With antifungal ingredients, it kills fungi both on the surface and in lower skin layers. Thus, it can stop your infection and prevent its spreading. Not only that, Fugacil can help avoid future outbreaks.


Healthy diet is vital in boosting your immune system and preventing fungal infections. Thus, to treat ringworm, you need to add more healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Besides, healthy diet makes you stronger and helps avoid other infections.


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