The Relationship Between Yeast Infections and Sex

The Relationship Between Yeast Infections and Sex

Yeast infections are so common and affect many people. The infection occurs when Candida (one type of fungi) develops out of control. Both men and women can catch a yeast infection, but women have it more than men. Also, the infection tends to increase after intercourse or moist genital areas. So, “is there any relationship between a yeast infection and sex?” is a common question asked by many people who have a yeast infection. The answer is “yes”. Even though it’s not a sexually transmitted diseases, it can spread. You may get the infection after having sex. Many studies show that having sex with an infected partner may can result in your yeast infection. Also, it may occur because your genital area is too moist after intercourse. This creates good chances for fungi develop and build your infection. Let’s find out the relationship between sex and yeast infections.

Does sex cause a yeast infection?

There’s a fact that sex doesn’t cause a yeast infection. However, sexual acts may introduce the Candida fungus during intercourse. Having sexual activity in this period doesn’t only discomfort but also makes your symptoms worse. You may feel painful and even bleeding during intercourse. Your partner also get dangers of developing the infection. Besides, sexual acts increase vaginal discharge of a woman that contributes to a yeast infection. But many people who haven’t sex also grow yeast infection. This may be because their immune system are weak. Or their genital areas aren’t clean and dry.

Men is possible to get a yeast infection from a sex partner. But the rate for men catch the disease is lower than the rate in women. It can be explained that lining of the vagina is slighter than the skin of the penis. So, fungi, bacteria and viruses penetrate vagina easily.

If your partner begins to experience some signs like burning, itching, redness and discharge, you should him or her to meet doctor. Though a yeast infection isn’t dangerous, it cause discomfort on your vagina or penis. Also, if you leave it without treatments in a longtime, it may affect the reproductive organs.


How can cure a yeast infection?

A yeast infection may affect your health if you leave it untreated. Curing it as soon as possible will be good for you. It’s easy to treat at the initial signs. You can take some antifungal medications like Monistat, Vagistat, Terazol and other drugs. They’re useful in killing fungi and prevent its spreading. Besides, you can apply Fugacil– the best antiviral cream for fungal infections. The product works by killing the virus in deep skin layers and preventing an outbreaks. Fugacil has been used by thousands of people and received more satisfaction.

Besides, you can use some home remedies to relieve your signs of the infection. They’re safe and inexpensive, so many people choose this treatment option for their infection. You can use some home remedies like garlic, tea tree oil or coconut oil. Applying one of them to your infected area can heal your infection. Try to apply it until your yeast infection is cleared up.


Can diet treat yeast infection?

If you want to cure yeast infection fast, you should boost the immune system with diet. Normally, bacteria live in digestive tract, on the skin and many parts of the body. The best way to balance fungi and other bacteria is consumption probiotics. Thus, you should add foods that are best source of probiotics like yogurt and papaya.

Otherwise, you need to limit sweet foods. Some studies show that sugar will develop the growth of yeast. It’s also the cause of lots of different infections and diseases. It’s good for you to avoid foods contain sugars, including many sweet fruits. White flour, rice or alcohol should be limited. You can shorten the healing process when combining diet and other treatment options.

Does have any prevention for yeast infection?

After curing the infection, it’s important for you to prevent an outbreak. Here’re some tips that help prevent a yeast infection

–   Keep vagina clean and dry. Moist and wet vagina may increase your dangers of developing yeast infection. So if you want to prevent it, you need to keep your vagina clean.

–  Change and wash clothes regularly. Changing your wet clothes is vital in preventing a yeast infection. Also, you should wash underwear regularly.

–   Change your tampons, pads when you’re on period. The vagina will be moister and wetter on your period. This’s a good condition for fungi develop. Thus, you need to keep your vagina clean by changing tampons or pads every 4 hours.

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–  Don’t wear tight clothing. Wearing tight clothing can cause more sweat and make your vagina difficult to breath. It also increases moistures around your private parts and gives your chances for the infection. So, cotton and silk are the best choices for you.

–  Use antibiotic only when you must. Antibiotic will lead to yeast infection easily, so you should only take them when you must.

–  Use condoms if you have sex. A condom doesn’t only protect you from getting sexually transmitted diseases but also prevents yeast infection. So, if you want to avoid the infection, you should try to wear condoms.

Yeast infections are easy to get. They make you discomfort and have bad effect on your sexual life. So, it’s necessary for you to understand the relationship between sex and the infection. Then, you can protect yourself and your partner from catching it.




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