Risk Factors for Toenail Fungal Infections

Risk Factors for Toenail Fungal Infections

Fungal infections can affect many parts of the body. They cause a lot of different infections in the body such as ringworm, jock itch and nail infections. Toenail fungal infections are considered one of the common skin fungal infections. Many people grow a toenail fungal infection at some point of their lives. It’s more frequently affected then the fingernails. According to estimation, about 75% of people over 60 years old are affected this infection. Even though toenail fungal infections aren’t serious, they can be annoying and difficult to treat.

What causes toenail fungal infections?

A fungal infection occurs when fungi develop out of control. Harmful fungi will kill healthy ones and lead to fungal infections. Especially, fungi are really love warm and moist environment. These are good conditions for them to develop. Nail fungal infections occur in both men and women. But a toenail fungus affects more men than women. Ages can be one of the causes of a toenail fungal infection. Half of the sufferers are people over 70 years old. It rarely occurs in children. Not only that, fungal infection can be affected by genetic. If you have family members who contract some fungal infections, you also have danger to get them, too. Besides, some medical conditions can lead to the infection like diabetes, malnutrition and other diseases. Toenail fungal infection can begin from athlete’s foot and spread from one nail to another.

Risk factors for toenail fungal infections

There are a lot of causes of the infection. They can be genetic, health condition or tight shoes. Thus, it’s important for you to know about the risk factors of toenail fungus that prevents infection. Here are some risk factors of the infection.

Family history

Toenail fungal infection can be caused by genetic. If people in your family have the infection, you also increase your chance to get it. Thus, you should be careful at preventing the problem.

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Fungus and other health conditions

There is a strong connection between toenails and fungus. More than half of nail problems are caused by fungal infections. Besides, some chronic illnesses increase the dangers of the infection. If you have history of poor circulation and diabetes, you will have a chance to get it. These illnesses can affect your immune system and interfere circulation of blood level to your toes. Then, your toenail fungal infection will occur.

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Boosts or tight shoes

Whether you wear boosts for your style or job, it’s the good environment for fungi develop. It’s because these shoes create a moist and warm environment for the growth of toenail fungus. Besides, wearing tight shoes will cause trauma to your toenails and lead to infections. Thus, to limit the danger of toenail fungal infection, you should wear fresh pair of socks inside your boosts. You also need to choose shoes that allow your feet to breath.

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Nail paint and clippers

Nail paint may make your toes look beautiful, but it can lead to toenail fungus. Heavy nail paint tends to block light, it creates an environment for fungi development. Not only that, toenail fungus may spread through nail clippers at the salon. Nail clippers can carry fungus from the previous infected person. Thus, you should prepare your own tools to clean toes that help prevent toenail fungal infection.

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Locker rooms

Wet and humid weather increase toenail fungal infection in the locker room. While people tend to wear foot gear in the locker rooms. This raises their risks of toenail fungus. Besides, people will get this infection when using the same foot gear with infected person.

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If you’re runner, you need to think about toenail fungus. It’s because you tend to run long distance with sweat on your feet. Heat and sweat inside your shoes can produce perfect environment for fungus development. Hence, you need to choose running shoes that allow your feet clean and dry.

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Tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes causes extra sweat that leads to sweaty feet. This increases chances of toenail fungus. Thus, you need to avoid wear tight jeans and should change clothes once sweaty.

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What are symptoms of toenail fungal infections?

When getting the infection, you will see thickening and yellowing of the nail. A white dot sometimes shows up on the nail and then becomes bigger. Once fungus builds under your nail, it will separate the nail form the bed. It’s difficult to wear shoes when the nail gets too thick. Although a toenail fungal infection isn’t serious, it still has severe complications in a few cases. A severe case of the infection can be painful and destroy your nails. It also leads to other serious infections and affects your immune system.

Treatment options for toenail fungal infections

Depending on which fungus you have and how bad this infection is, the treatment can be given for you. Your doctor can use some treatments, including:

– An antifungal prescription pill

– A topical cream that apply to the nail directly

– A topical nail lacquer

– Removing the destroyed nail

In some cases, surgery can be used to remove toenail fungal infection.

How can prevent toenail fungal infections

The infections are so annoying. They can destroy your toes in some cases. Besides treatments, you need to find out some ways to reduce your dangers of developing a toenail fungal infections. Here are some tips for you:

– Keep your feet clean and dry

– Clip your nails to keep them short

– Wear fitting shoes and clean cotton socks

– Limit nail paint

– Don’t use foot wear in locker rooms or public

– Wash your towels regularly

– Don’t share clippers with other people

– Don’t share your socks and towels with every one

Although toenail fungal infection isn’t serious, it causes more discomfort for people. It’s important for you to know about what toenail fungal infection is and its risk factors. Getting knowledge about them helps not only find suitable treatments but also reduce your chances of getting it.







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