Poor Personal Hygiene Linked to Fungal Nail Infections

11353026_922259497812785_1225458100_nFungal infections in nail are so common in lives of people. Many people develop a fungal nail infection at some point of their life. The infection isn’t serious, but it’s uncomfortable and difficult to cure. It’s more common in people over 60 years old get it than younger people. Everyone can get the infection because of many reasons. Some of them can have poor immune system, other infections and poor personal hygiene. This may be because fungal nail infections are caused by fungi that like living in moist and humid conditions. So, people who have personal hygiene tend to develop fungal infections in nail.

How poor personal hygiene causes fungal nail infections

Fungal nail infections occur when fungi attack fingernails or toenails by small cuts in the nail. Or they can happen in your damaged the nail bed and nail. A fungal nail infection doesn’t cause serious health problems. But it leads to more severe complications if you have a weakened immune system or get diabetes.

Most fungal nail infections are caused by the same types of fungi that cause athlete’s foot. The fungus can spread from your skin to nails when you have athlete’s foot. You may contract the infection when sharing personal items with an infected person such as towels and nail clippers. A fungal nail infection can be transmitted to other people easily. So, you need to avoid sharing personal items. Moreover, people with weakened immune system may increase the infection. Or when they have other diseases like heart illness and diabetes, they still get nail fungus, too. Some fungi often lie dormant on the skin, but they sometimes reactive and lead to infections.princ_rm_photo_of_toenail_fungus

Besides, there is a strong connection between poor personal hygiene and fungal nail infections. You can get a fungal infection in nail if your feet are always moist and dirty. Especially, when wearing shoes with sweaty feet, your danger to get infection is too high. Because fungi love moist places, they tend to develop out of control when your feet and shoes aren’t clean or dry. Or walking around barefoot in some places like locker rooms, gyms and public areas will give you many chances to contract infection. Fungi may spread easily in these places. Thus, all people should take care of their personal hygiene to protect themselves from infections and other diseases.

Some symptoms of fungal nail infections

When having fungal nail infections, you may feel uncomfortable and difficult to wear shoes or stand for a long time. It causes pain in your feet. Going with this, you can see changes in your nails. The nails may turn white or yellow and become thicker. They may be soft and crumble. These infected nails also separate from the skin. If you don’t treat it, it will damage your nails and nail bed. Then, pain in your feet usually occurs.

How to treat fungal nail infections

Depending on your levels of an infection, you can choose appropriate methods for your infection. It can be medications, antifungal creams or laser.

Medications may be useful treating a fungal nail infection. Two medicines that can be used to cure infection are terbinafine and itraconazole tblets. Both of them take several weeks or months to see results. Some cases are fine after treatment, but other cases don’t look normal nail. Besides, Fungacil is an antifungal treatment for fungal infections. With natural ingredients, it’s used to kill fungus within hours of treatment and clear active outbreaks. Fugacil has been used widely in the market.


In addition to medicines, antifungal nail paint is also useful. A nail pain contains antifungal medicine that may treat your nail fungus. You can use it to apply directly to the nail infected over months. But it isn’t more effective than medications. The treatment doesn’t work well if the infection is near the skin.

Besides, you can use laser to destroy fungus in nail infection. This treatment uses in most of severe cases and it’s really effective when damaging fungus.

Tips to prevent fungal nail infections by good personal hygiene

Fungal nail infections aren’t highly contagious, but you can contract it easily. Thus, it’s important for you to practice good personal hygiene and reduce your danger of growing nail fungus. Here are some tips for you, including:

– Treat athlete’s foot immediately to avoid spreading to other nails

– Apply antifungal treatment when having infections’ symptoms

–  Keep your feet clean and dry

– Wear no tight shoes and choose dry socks

– Replace old footwear

– Wash your socks and shoes regularly

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wash your socks

–  Clip your nails to keep them short

–  Wear flip flops in showers at pool or gym

–  Don’t wear other people’s shoes

–  Don’t wear shoes that make your feet sweaty

–  Don’t share personal items with other people, especially clippers or scissors

–  Don’t walk around barefoot in public places, locker rooms or gyms.

–  Don’t soak your feet in water

Fungal nail infections are considered one of the most annoying foot conditions. They lead to more discomfort and pain most of infections. To avoid a fungal infection in nail, you need to practice good personal hygiene. This may be because in most cases of infection, people haven’t good hygiene. So, they are easy to get nail fungus. Practicing personal hygiene doesn’t help reduce fungal infection in nail but also prevent other diseases.



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