Natural treatments for toenail fungus

Natural treatments for toenail fungus

Toenail fungus, one of the common fungal infections, does not threaten human life. But, the white or yellow spots under the tip of toenails, or even the painfulness on toenails can make people lose their self- confidence and affect to their work and activities. This worries people a lot. In fact, there is no cure for this condition. People choose to live with it. Toenail fungus can be handled at home by natural treatments.

Toenail fungus basics

Toenail fungus known as onychomcosis. It is a name of the type of infection that causes the fungi to appear on the nails. Toenail fungus often gets in through cracks in your toenail or cuts in your skin. Generally, toenail fungus begins with a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenails. When it goes deeper, a fungus can make your nails change color, get thicker or crumble at the edge. Then, a fungus begins to overgrow and you can get an infection which can affect to any part of the body. In particular, when a fungus builds up under your toenail, it can loosen and even separate the nail from the bed. It can also hurt and fungus will spread to the skin around your toenail. Thus, many people are in stress of it. Since toenail fungus can look like other conditions, you should have your toenail checked by a doctor. So, you can refer and go to the pharmacy if necessary.

Causes of toenail fungus

There are many different reasons for toenail fungus.

First, have moist toes for an extended time is the main origin for fungus. For example, because your toes are often warm and damp, fungus grows well there. Thus, if you spend a lot of time in the water, your chances for getting toenail fungus go up.

Second, have a toenail injury will create a convenient condition for viruses and bacteria attack your nail and cause fungi. Or, when you wear artificial nails or closed-toe shoes such as tennis shoes or boots.

Third, toenail fungus sometimes is a result of diabetes. A weakened immune system or other conditions is another reasons. Moreover, researchers recognized that toenail fungi occur more often in men than in women. Also, the infections are found in adults more often than in children. The older you are, the better your chances are (people who are over age 65 is easier to catch nail fungus). Because they have poorer circulation and their nails grow more slowly and thicken as they age.

The final thing is hereditary. If you have family members who often get these types of fungal infections, you’re more likely to get them as well.

Natural treatments for toenail fungus

Treatments play an important role in killing the fungus. They also help protect your toenail growth from becoming re-infected. Also, it depends on how bad the infection affects your toenails. In some mild cases, you may not need treatments if toenail fungus does not bother you. Otherwise, if your condition causes painful and destroys your toenails, self-care steps and medications are recommended. Here are some natural treatments for toenail fungus.

  1. Always take care of your toes

To lower your risk of getting toenail fungus as well as protect your nails from infections, you should wash your feet by using soap and water. Then, dry well, including between toes.

Do not wear tight shoes.

Do not keep your toes in water for a long time.

Do not walk barefoot on the ground or bathroom floor.

Avoid injuring your toes.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains antifungal properties (lauric acid and caprylic acid). It can both help prevent fungal overgrowth and strengthen your immune system. Also, coconut oil reduces irritating symptoms of infection.
You can apply coconut oil on the infected areas three times a day.

  1. Garlic

Garlic contains allicin with natural antifungal properties specific to fungi. So, it can be very useful for dealing with toenail fungus. You can apply garlic paste directly on the infected areas or toenails. Then, keep it for half an hour for better result.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar contains some distinctive components. It can control skin infections and get rid of the fungi. So, you can dilute it in water and then apply it on the affected skin areas. Also, you can let your feet soak in the vinegar for 20 minutes. Do this every day and you will see results soon.

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea Tree oil is known as one of the essential ingredients in some antifungal creams and pills. There are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in Tea tree oil. They can help combat fungi and skin infections. So, you should handle your toenail fungus by applying this oil on the affected nails twice daily. Tea tree oil really works with all type of skin infections.

  1. Cornmeal

Cornmeal is one of the main ingredient in mush which can help fight fungi. So, mix cornmeal with water. Then, let your feet and your shoes soak in this mixture for an hour. Do this weekly and Cornmeal will clear away all fungi.

  1. Antifungal substances or creams

There are many different types of antifungal creams sold in the market. They are all effective to deal with relieving itchiness. They also kill fungi and prevent recurrence of toenail infection. For example, boric acid is a chemical substance (mild antiseptic and antifungal properties). It is very useful for dealing with toenail fungus. So, you can dilute it with water before applying on skin. Fugacil contains many antifungal substances (Garlic, Tea tree oil, Vinegar or Coconut oil). It is one of the best choice for toenail fungus. Now you can apply Fugacil on your infected nails and you will observe its results quite soon.

Toenail Fungus does not cause any serious harms to human. But, if you do not treat it well and early, fungi can destroy your nails which is annoying and embarrassing. Natural treatment is one of the most effective and cheap methods to deal with it. So, you can try it for good results. And, in some serious cases, if your conditions still keep on, you should go to see a doctor for another solution.


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