Jock Itch: Don’t Scratch!

Jock Itch: Don’t Scratch!

The most effective workouts sometimes have their unexpected drawbacks, and to be more specifically, it can come in the form of jock itch. When you get too sweaty after a productive workout, a game, or a long run, that itchy red rash starts to develop down south. Jock itch is certainly not a serious medical condition, but it is an annoying one. Fortunately, it is curable and avoidable.

Jock itch is a fungus therefore they grow in dark and moist area. In other words, most people who are getting infected with jock itch tend to not shower right away after getting sweaty. Staying in your sweaty clothes for a while after a workout can help the fungus grow more than you think.

Luckily, there are multiple ways for you to avoid getting infected by jock itch. First, if you notice a noticeably itching irritation with red/brown color on both side of your groin, you should treat it right away because it will spread down to your inner thighs. The first thing you can do right after finding out about the rash is buying an over-the-counter topical cream like fugacil or lotrimin. Those products can help bring relief to your rash, and as well as getting rid of the fungus. The process might take 2 days to more than a week. Cotton shorts underneath your workout shorts are also recommended to keep the area dry and prevent further spreading of fungus.

After using the treatments above and the infected area isn’t going away, getting larger in size, or swollen and painful, make sure you go see a doctor for prescription of steroid cream. Jock itch can cause bacterial infection if leaving untreated for too long and excessive scratching. You have to get prescribed for antibiotics if that happens.

Winter is coming up and it makes jock itch treatment a little bit harder due to the multiple layers of clothes you’ll be wearing. With that being said, focusing on obvious hygiene and keeping everything clean and dry, as well as utilizing anti-fungus topical cream should be able to do the job.



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