6 Things You Should Never Do to Your Vagina

6 Things You Should Never Do to Your Vagina

Things related to vagina are always a secret. You may be too shy to let anybody knows. But, vagina also likes other organs of the body. It needs to be concerned and taken care of once becoming weak. Your vagina is especially easy to get infections or diseases like vaginal yeast infections and chlamydia. So, you shouldn’t ignore the health of vagina. Keeping the vagina out of infection isn’t difficult as you think. All things you can do are practicing good personal hygiene, eating healthy diet and wearing clean clothing. Besides, it’s important for you to understand what can harm your vaginal health. Then, avoid bad things to keep your vagina healthy. Here’re 6 things you should never do to your vagina.

1. Say no to douching

Most women think that douching can get rid of odors, avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and feel fresher. But health experts say that douching isn’t good for any purpose, it’s more likely to be harmful to your vagina. Normally, your vagina exists all good and harmful bacteria in a balance. Douching will remove everything inside your vagina. This can destroy the pH level of the vagina and lead to vaginal infection. After that, you may get some types of vagina infection caused by fungi, bacteria or viruses. All you need is to keep it clean or wash it with soap and water.

2. Avoid wearing tight clothing all day

You should know that all tight clothing always make your vagina difficult to breath. They also give you high dangers to get vaginal infections. Too tight underwear is especially harmful the sensitive area. It creates too much sweat that makes your vagina moist and wet. While fungi like living in humid and moist area, sweaty vagina is an ideal condition for the developments of fungi and bacteria. Then, you’re easy to get a yeast infection. Besides, wearing too tight clothing may lead to visible puckering that no one wants. So, to keep your vagina healthy, you shouldn’t wear toot tight clothing all day, especially underwear. Try to choose properly fitting clothes made of cotton. Some non-breathable materials like lace and polyester can put you at high dangers of getting vaginal infections.

3. Stay away from dirty underwear

All women will produce amount of discharge throughout a day, especially some days in period. This’s a normal thing. But you should make sure that changing the underwear at least once a day. Vaginal discharge may save on your underwear. In a long time, it puts you at an increase of a vaginal infection. So, it’s good for you to change and wash your underwear regularly which keep your sensitive area clean. Also, you should throw away old underwear.

Keep vagina healthy by avoiding dirty underwear

Keep vagina healthy by avoiding dirty underwear

4. Keep away vaginal steaming

Steaming vagina is popular nowadays for women at spa. Most people think that steaming will clean their vaginas clean and balance hormones. But in fact, it’s more harmful than good. You have to remove underwear and sit on chairs which herbal steam comes to your vagina directly. This can burn sensitive skin around your vagina. Then, it may harm your bladder. Not only that, steam can disturb the balance between healthy and harmful bacteria of the vagina. Then, your danger of a yeast infection is always high. Steaming also leads to hormonal balance in the body because hormones aren’t created by the vagina during steaming in some cases.

5. Avoid perfumes or scented soaps

Most people use perfume to keep smelling nice in the body. Like that, lots of women use scented soap or perfumes in the vagina because they don’t like the smell of the sensitive area. But they don’t know that both perfumes and scented soaps in vagina aren’t recommended. They can lead to irritation and infection due to chemical and other ingredients in them. Water and mild soaps are enough for you. But, try to use hot water to wash your vagina. You need to know that, the vaginal smell is a signal to show how your vaginal health is. Normally, the smell of your vagina is often linked to a disturbed pH balance. You can cure it with healthy diet. Or if your vagina smells foul, you need to meet your doctor. It seems that you get vaginal infection.

Prevent vaginal infections by avoiding perfumes or scented soaps

Prevent vaginal infections by avoiding perfumes or scented soaps

6. Don’t mess with pubic hair

A study in 2012 showed that pubic hair removal will increase your danger of catching an STD. It’s because removing hair in vagina may affect the skin layer. This makes bacteria or viruses easy to enter the body. But too much pubic hair is the common cause of a yeast infection. It keeps moist and humid that promote fungi to develop. So, instead of dealing with all pubic hair, you should garnish it time to time.

Vagina is a sensitive area that is easy to get an infection. At least one person will get vaginal infection at some point of their lives. But treating vaginal conditions, such as yeast infections, chlamydia and viral vaginosis will take you a long time. They can also return. So, the best way to prevent them is taking a look at your vaginal health, what you should or shouldn’t do to the sensitive area. Then, you can keep vagina clean and stay away from diseases. It’s also good to eat healthy diet which helps to balance your pH level in the vagina.






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