10 Must- Eat Foods to Fight Candida

10 Must- Eat Foods to Fight Candida

Candida, one kind of fungus that lives in the human body is not life- threatening, but can destroy any part of the body. But, when it’s overproduced, it breaks down the wall of the cells. Also, it enters into the bloodstream, where it releases toxic products. Then, candida becomes a serious concern. And, it causes a wide variety of other negative and serious health problems. Leaky gut is an example. Even so, medications, diet and environment can change the normal balance of Candida. Thus, people who are suffering candida need to realize its symptoms. And, look for a good solution to control its growth as soon as possible. At that time, a good diet plays an important role in limiting candida’s growth.

What did you know about candida?

Candida is a genus of yeast that we all have, living in our guts and having two types. One type is beneficial as yeast and considered as “friendly bacteria”. It normally lives in small amounts in places like your mouth and belly, or on your skin and makes no harm. Other type is a fungal form or systemic fungal infection. This fungal form can develop extended root type structures and become invasive. When candida grows out of control, it changes to fungal state. And 80% of the US population may be suffering from candida overgrowth. According to a research of Rice University, 70 percent of all people are affected by candida. This kind of fungal infection can affect men and women of all ages. But, the older you are, the better your chances are. Candida most commonly occurs in the mouth, ears, nose, toe nails, finger nails. So, it influences directly to human health.


Symptoms of candida

It is difficult to identify candida. It is because people who have candida often looks very healthy outside. Besides, candida symptoms sometimes make people confuse with other conditions. In fact, there are some visible signs often found in candida patients.

– Itchy irritated skin

– Anxiety, depression

– Irritability, flaky skin

– Heartburn, lethargy

– Seasonal allergies

– Digestive issues

– Joint soreness

– Fatigue and chronic fatigue

– Cystitis, vaginal infections, and premenstrual tension (in women)

Candida symptoms are varied, so you should go for a test if you are suffering those symptoms.

Causes of candida

There are 7 causes of candida. Most of them originate from nutrition in your meals.

A high sugar diet: Candida is formed from viruses and bacteria. Bacteria and viruses need sugar like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Then, they transfer into some nutritious substances for supporting human organs. But, the higher sugar amount is in your body (the higher sugar amount is in your blood), the more bacteria grows. As a result, bacteria will destroy some part of the body for food. That is why people having diabetes get weakened immune systems. So, they easily catch candida.

Antibiotics. People usually considered antibiotics as lifesavers, but they contain plenty of side effects. Most of people use antibiotics to protect their body from virus or bacterium’s attack. Yet, it sometimes kills many of the beneficial and friendly bacteria. Finally, it makes your body weaker. Also, using too much antibiotics can make bacteria protest and become stronger.

Stress: Stress is always the important factor giving bad impact on human health. In this case, stress can free cortisol. This hormone may raise your blood sugar level and depress your immune system.

Contraceptive pill. There are some ingredients in contraceptive pill. They can promote the growth of yeast. This overgrowth can cause vaginal yeast infection.


Mercury in your fillings. Mercury is a poisonous substance. It was released since you chew, grind and brush your teeth. Mercury toxicity can cause symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, and memory loss. Moreover, it weakens the immune system and create good conditions for candida overgrowth.

Chemical exposure. Many toxic products attack to human body through digestion system or skin exposure. Thus, it can deplete the immune system or cause allergy to skin. For instance, people work as dry cleaners, painters, hair stylists. Or, those work in industrial settings. They usually expose to toxic load than the others. And, this can have consequences for their immune system and their health.

Diabetes. People who have diabetes often have high blood sugar levels. So, this helps feed the candida yeast cells and contribute to its overgrowth. Also, their immune system does not have enough ability to fight bacteria and viruses.

So, people should try to avoid many causes of candida as part of our natural way of life. Besides, having a good diet to fight this condition is the best method for everyone.

Here are 10 must- eat foods to fight candida:

  1. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil naturally contains caprylic acid and lauric acid. These acids can both help strengthen your immune system and prevent Candida overgrowth. In particular, they pokes holes in the walls of the yeast cells and causing them to die off.

  1. Garlic

    Garlic includes allicin with natural antifungal properties. Thus, it can be specific to candida. Eating raw can help promote garlic’ function. So, you should eat 2-4 cloves per day, crushed and mixed with water as an anti-Candida tonic. Moreover, it can preserve and boost the good bacteria in the digestive system. Garlic also stimulates the liver and colons to make you healthier.

  1. Onions

    Like garlic, onions have strong anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances. So, eating onions can help limit candida growth.

  2. Seaweed.

    Seaweed contains iodine. It can help balance the thyroid gland by releasing hypothyroidism. So, it is useful for reducing candida’s symptoms. Besides, seaweed filter toxic pollutants to clean the intestinal tract. It also help the body absorb more nutrients.

  3. Rutabaga

    Rutabaga is considered as green vegetables. It contains isothiocyanates and antifungal substances that attack candida.


  1. Ginger

    Ginger naturally contains shogaols and gingerols. They are antifungal and anti-inflammatory components from the ginger root. So, it can filter toxicants in liver. Also, it helps stimulate the immune system and clean intestinal tract.

  2. Olive oil

    Olive oil contains polyphenols. They are antioxidants that can stabilize blood sugar levels. Polyphenols also helps your body fight Candida.

  1. Lemons and limes

    Juice from lemon or limes contains mild antifungal properties. So, it can help to limit the growth of Candida. Drinking plenty of lemon tea can help detoxify your liver.

  2. Pumpkin seeds

    Pumpkin seeds contains omega-3 fatty acids. These types of acids have anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Moreover, it can help to fight pain and skin conditions caused by inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in wild salmon. They are positive to fight fungal infections.

  3. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper supports the digestive system and immune system. As a result, it helps fight off candida bacteria and reduce fatigue and other symptoms.

Those ten foods all get testimonials for the candida diet. So, people always feel secure to have them in their meals. Besides, combining healthy food with drugs is the best tips to deal with candida. For example, you can find that Fugacil is the best anti- fungal treatment. It helps kill fungus or infections rapidly for the skin’s surface and lower layers.


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